Site Support Services

We offer the complete package for your project and to complement our technical services we also offer the following support services:

Safety Signage

We can design, supply and install all types of safety signage in accordance with BS5378. Our signage can be manufactured in many different types of materials dependant on the location and environmental conditions. As well as design and supply we can install signage at sites.

Pipe Banding

We can supply pipe banding to fully conform to BS1710. We use 3M all weather tape – suitable for robust exterior climate.

The pipe banding is complete with associated directional flow arrows and pipe contents wording. We manually attach these labels so that the orientation of the wording and arrows is always in correct position from whichever view point. These labels are supplied as white print onto clear vinyl, permanent, opaque, waterproof and scuff resistant self-adhesive sticker type labels.