Asset Recording and Tagging

Asset Tags are used to monitor and track a company’s physical assets. Combined with an asset tracking software program, asset tags are the foundation for a seamless process of repairs, maintenance and inventory control.

We visit site to identify and confirm what assets are on site and in use. We then produce an asset register from the site survey and update or create new P&ID drawings where appropriate identifying the assets with a unique number.

From the information obtained we can then produce the asset tag.

Asset tags are usually produced as a flexible laminate laser etched tag which can be fixed to the asset by stainless steel chain, or other means where appropriate. This material is extremely durable in both hot and cold climates. Other materials, including stainless steel, can also be provided to suit a particular environment / client specification.

Asset tags can be installed on site by our experienced team or supplied direct to the end client for in-house installation

Tags can also be provided with a unique QR code identifier that links into our own online maintenance system.