QR Add App


View key asset information and notes directly on your smartphone or tablet.

The QR-ADD app provides direct access to asset and site documentation for engineers and project managers.


  • Reduce printing costs and physical storage costs for (often) cumbersome paper manuals
  • Minimise the time it takes on-site staff to obtain P&IDs, manuals, HSE information – simply scan the asset’s QR code
  • Electronic documents can be easily updated and centrally managed
  • Collect notes on assets directly from site and follow-up when back in the office
  • App is personalised for each organisation, which increases the value to users
  • Our solution is delivered as an online service, accessible worldwide

How does it work?

User arrives at site, locates asset (e.g. from P&ID) and scans the unique QR code (using their device’s camera) on the asset’s tag. The App validates the QR code and summarises information and notes available on that asset, including:

Asset name, tag number, site location
Associated documents:
Operations Manual
OEM Manual
Site Health and Safety File
Site P&ID
Any associated notes

The user can view these documents by tapping on them in the app and can view other users notes for each asset and add their own.

Who manages the information?

Using the management website (username and password required) an administrator can:

Add and remove assets
Add/edit/delete documents for an asset
View/add/edit/delete notes on an asset

Administrators can also use the mobile app as a ‘regular’ user (e.g. to preview their documents)

A complete package

  • Cloud-hosted SaaS solution
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Grows with your projects and sites
  • Secure, stable, with regular backup (using Amazon Web Services)
  • Routine maintenance – stay up-to-date
  • End-user support – overcome any hurdles

One (consistent) app for all mobile platforms

  • Apple iOS: Now
  • Google Android and Windows 10: Late 2017
  • Phones and tablets both supported