Yorkshire Water AMP 6 Ammonia Quality Schemes

Project Description

The scheme involved three sewage treatment works which had been identified under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) for new Ammonia discharge consents. The new assets installed across the scheme were also designed to achieve the 2030 design horizon PE.

The main scope of the works delivered across the sites was as follows:

  • Installation of new Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF).
  • Construction of new Tertiary Treatment (TT) Feed Pumping Stations.
  • Construction of new Humus Tanks including half-bridge scraper and automatic desludge facilities.
  • Construction of new Biological Filters with syphonic distributors.
  • Construction of new Return Liquors Pumping Stations.
  • Installation of Ammonia monitoring sampling packages at the final effluent outfalls.
  • Installation of a new MCC panels with PLC and LOI facilities to enable automatic control of the new plant and processes.
  • Telemetry integration to allow for off-site reporting of status signals and alarms.

We are very proud to have worked in partnership with the principal contractor Ward & Burke throughout the entire project duration. We were involved from the very early pre-design phase all the way through to final handover, working closely together in an integrated project team.

Our scope on the project included the following services:

  • P&ID Drawings – Development of P&ID drawings for each of the three sites, from initial creation for design submission gateway all the way through to As-Built. We completed site surveys at all three sites and produced fully detailed P&ID drawings which covered the whole site, including both existing and new assets.
    Functional Design Specifications (FDS) – We developed fully detailed functional design specifications for each of the three sites. We developed detailed ICA designs suited to each site’s requirements and associated Yorkshire Water Engineering Specification. As part of our design scope, we attended HAZOP’s for each site.
  • Commissioning Plans – We developed detailed Commissioning Plans for each of the three sites. This involved writing specific procedures to complete the pre-commissioning checks, dry and wet commissioning phases. We developed individual commissioning test sheets for each of the assets being installed so there was evidence that each asset had been physically checked prior to being put into service. Sampling programmes were also developed to ensure the wastewater quality was achieved as part of the performance testing phase.
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals – We produced full Operations & Maintenance Manuals (O&Ms) for all three sites to conform to the end client’s specific standards. Our project team completed multiple site visits throughout the project to ensure all documentation on site was collected and readily available for inclusion.
    Training Manuals – We produced fully detailed Training Manual which described the new processes and include overviews regarding operational and maintenance procedures for the newly installed equipment and instrumentation at each of the sites.
  • Health & Safety Files – We produced the Health & Safety Files for each of the sites. The files were produced in full accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015 and Yorkshire Water Specification for Engineering Data Associated with Assets.
  • Asset Registration – We completed the full asset registration process which included uploading all new asset details to Yorkshire Water’s AIDE system, including decommissioning redundant assets. Additionally, we also completed the DCT (now ADS) process which involved inputting carbon quantity information and cost breakdowns.
  • Supply & Onsite Installation of Asset Identification Tags – We designed, manufactured and physically installed hundreds of asset identification for all three sites. General site signage was also installed as required.
  • Supply & Onsite Installation of Pipe Banding – We installed pipe banding to fully conform to BS1710. The tape and labels used were UV resistant suitable for robust outdoor applications.

June 2018 – October 2019


Ward & Burke Construction


Yorkshire Water