Affinity Water – AMP 5 Package Works

Project Description

During the last 2 years of the AMP 5 investment programme, Affinity Water completed upgrade works across 67 of their sites. The sites ranged from simple booster stations to large water treatment works.

The nature of the projects at each of the sites also varied in complexity, some schemes were just simple SEMD and minor capital works, other projects included disinfection upgrades and MEICA works.

As the sites varied in location across the company landscape, the sites were split into three separate works packages.


Affinity Water, North, Central and South East Area


Technical Documentation, Operations and Maintenance Manuals and As-Built AutoCAD Drawings

Imtech WWE was appointed the main works contractor for the entire works package and awarded us contracts to complete the following services across all 67 sites on the scheme

- Operations Manual
- Maintenance Manual
- Health & Safety File
- Asset Registration Updates
- Supply & Installation of Asset Tags
- Supply & Installation of Pipe Banding
- Installation of General Signage

Affinity Water also awarded us the following works elements for the work packages directly.

- Functional Design Specifications (FDS)
- Factory Acceptance & Site Acceptance Tests (FAT & SAT)

Additional Works

As the project was nearing completion the main works contractor went into liquidation, leaving a number of snags and defects at some sites unresolved. One of the items that was outstanding was that As-Built drawings had not been produced.

Affinity Water contracted us directly to ensure all project drawings were redrawn and produced to As-Built. This included verifying all drawings were correct and providing As-Built AutoCAD Files.

We undertook a 6-month work programme, surveying all sites and marking-up drawings as required. This involved surveying and redrawing approximately 300 drawings across the entire works package.
The drawings ranged from electrical single line diagrams, P&IDs, civil and mechanical general arrangements and building plans.


Imtech WWE / Affinity Water