Operations & Maintenance Manuals

Over the last 16 years we have produced a wide range of Operations & Maintenance Manuals for projects across the water treatment, wastewater, waste-to-energy, petrochemical and electrical distribution industries. We work on all projects ranging from large, complex treatment works to a small roadside kiosk.

Managing the Detail

The operations manual is designed to provide an operator, whether experienced or not, the information to operate the site together with standard and site specific procedures. The maintenance manuals will provide details of equipment installed on site and original equipment manufacturers literature and associated drawings and test and commissioning records.

We work together with the contractor, project team and subcontractors to accumulate details on all the plant and equipment installed on site and our team make regular site visits to ensure all information is collected and readily available for inclusion in the manuals.

Formatting and Style

We aim to obtain as much information as possible in a digital format. All information is collated and converted to a consistent style and format and produced as an online manual via a web interface / CD / DVD which can be fully customised to suit client’s requirements.

The online manual has a strong navigational structure which makes it easy for the end user to navigate to the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturers literature is edited where appropriate to show information specific to the actual installation, test certificates and commissioning files are scanned as pdf and record drawings are provided as both native DWG and pdf file format.

The digital O&M manual can also be supplied as hard copy volumes, if required, supplied in four-hole D Ring presentation binders, with bespoke covers and fully indexed.