Denge Water Treatment Works

Project Description

The site treats raw water abstracted from the nearby well-fields of the Dungeness peninsula. There are two, mainly exclusive, water treatment streams: the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and the Non-RO water. The former is water treated for the cooling water for the nearby Dungeness Power Station. The latter is for potable supply, this water is treated via pressurised sand filters, UV Disinfection & Chemical Dosing.

The works at the site included the installation of new pressurised sand filters for enhanced iron and manganese removal of the Non-RO water supply. Works also included a new backwash tanks, pumps and air scour system. A new sodium hypochlorite dosing system was installed as part of the final water disinfection. A new waste handling system for R.O reject water was constructed including new pumping station and 2 no. storage tanks.


Romney Marsh, Kent


Technical Documentation and Site Support Services

- Operations Manual
- Maintenance Manual
- Health & Safety File
- Asset Registration Updates
- Verification of the FDS documents including updating to an As-Built status following SAT completion

- Asset Identification Tagging & Plant Labelling
- Pipe Banding
- Verification of the site P&ID drawings for both the new plant and existing R.O system. This involved a number of updates to the drawings to ensure they reflected an As-Built status.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the project team from MWH and also Affinity Water to develop the documentation to their specific requirements. We made numerous site visits throughout the project lifetime to collect information for the documentation and install all asset tags and pipe banding.


MWH Constructors